I’m Tooba - a Finland based interdisciplinary product designer, ​computer engineer and storyteller. I have a knack for startups ​and solving problems focused towards high impact.



Entrepreneurship ​World Cup

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Global Maker ​Challenge

Muhammad Bin Rashid ​Initiative Runner Up ​2020

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2021 national finalist ​with QuranTalk

The contrast of cool ​and warm really ​catches my eye

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I have a love for ​photography, specially ​photographing light

Currently obsessed with..

grunge, pakistani underground rock, ambient

I’m passionately curious and you can find me ​continously oscillating between the marvel of ​science & the awe of art ✨

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Empathy in UX

Helped Code for ​Pakistan empower ​women interns from ​Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ​with design


She Loves Tech

Runner up in the ​Islamabad finals in ​2020

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Women SDG ​Challenge Cup

Speaker in 'Women ​breaking barriers in ​Tech' in 2019

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U.S. Embassy ​Feature

Lead a revolution in ​the Pakistani VR and ​edTech space in 2020

When I’m not designing the next big thing, reading ​about some cool theory or obsessing over Anthony ​Bourdain’s sarcasm - you can find me all cozied up ​in an obscure café with my husband and my ​daughter making memories 💝

design + data = magic ✨

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