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Here’s what you need to know about me:

  • 4+ years of design and 6+ years of interdisciplinary experience
  • Computer Engineer with a Masters in Human Technology Interaction from Finland 🇫🇮
  • Skillset spanning in design, engineering and product management
  • Full stack design / Generalist
  • Special focus on startups
  • Currently inđź“ŤFinland, open to remote roles worldwide 🌎
  • Reach out on đź’Ś email here or connect with me on my LinkedIn

Selected Works

Neumorphic Square Button
Emphasis Line Accent Decorative Element


Emotional support for young muslim adults


Neumorphic Square Button
Dainty Batik-Inspired Fern Accent


A plant lover’s journal, Instagram and best friend



Helping new residents integrate in Finland

In Progress

Creative Stack









Technical Stack





Unreal Engine



“Tooba has an immense grasp on locating insights for a certain ​customer group based on her potential to empathise with the ​customer base, going above and beyond in trying to connect with ​them. As a result, the insights she brings to table for design are ​absolutely a homerun for value addition. Not only is Tooba skilled ​in hands on design delivery but her best skill is adding business ​value through design”

- Khunsha Nadeem - Cofounder and CEO at QuranTalk

“Tooba is a well-versed UX designer with some esteemed design ​skills and techniques. Her prototyping and user-centered design ​played a huge factor in the success of multiple projects and we ​were very satisfied with her work. She is also an excellent team ​player, quickly pivoting from one task to another, and swiftly ​delivering quality work.”

- ‎Laraib ‎Ahmed - Project / Product Manager at Bill & Melinda ​Gates Foundation

“I am delighted to provide a recommendation for Tooba ​who has consistently showcased a profound understanding ​of product design principles and methodologies.

She has ability to execute innovative solutions that meet ​both user needs and business objectives.

Moreover, Tooba is highly approachable and collaborative, ​always willing to lend her expertise to support her ​colleagues. Her prompt responsiveness and willingness to ​address doubts and questions contribute significantly to ​our team's productivity and success.

She would undoubtedly be an invaluable addition to any ​organization.”

- Bindi Aundhia - Senior Software Engineer at Coforge ​Ltd.

“Working alongside Tooba has been an absolute pleasure. Her creative prowess in graphic design shines through in every app mock she ​creates. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for translating ideas into visually stunning designs, Tooba consistently exceeded ​expectations. Collaborating with her has not only elevated the quality of our projects but also inspired me to push boundaries in my ​own work. I highly endorse Tooba for her exceptional talent and professionalism in the field of product design.”

- Saakaar Aryal ‎- React Native Developer at Odla Mer

“It is quite rare that you encounter an out of sight talent like Tooba. ​I've had the pleasure of working with her for over a year and a half ​at QuranTalk, cross collaborating on brand identity alignment with ​digital content. As being a part of our startup backbone, Tooba ​earns my highest recommendation”.

- Minahil Aftab - Cofounder and CMO at QuranTalk

“It was a pleasure working with Tooba, and I must say, ​she's not only talented in her work but also puts her heart ​into it. She consistently demonstrates a keen eye for detail ​and excels in designing proper UI/UX as well as product ​design and management.”

- Santiago Maruri Ramos - React Native Developer at ​Odla Mer

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